Animals At Work

Animals At Work



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ISBN: 978-0-7166-2724-1

Pages: 576

Volumes: 12


Every day, people perform chores, jobs, or other tasks to learn, make money, or improve their lives. Animals can be thought of as performing jobs and tasks, too, but they do them to survive and reproduce. Animals at Work is an informative way to look at the lives of animals, particularly at a time when the hard work of survival is becoming even harder because of habitat destruction and climate change. If animals are to thrive alongside us, it’s important for students to see the parallels between animals’ lives and their own and to understand how tough it is for many animals to make their way in the world surrounded by humans.


Books in Series

  • Animals Attacking
  • Animals Caring for Their Young
  • Animals Communicating
  • Animals Defending Themselves
  • Animals Depending on Other Animals
  • Animals Finding Food
  • Animals Finding Mates
  • Animals Living Alongside People
  • Animals Living in Groups
  • Animals Making Homes
  • Animals Migrating
  • Animals Surviving in Extreme Environments





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