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World Book Discover - Grades K-12
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World Book Online

Access a World of Information: Anytime, Anywhere

World Book Online delivers a progressive sequence of core databases supported by supplemental tools, such as language translation, graphic organizers, and unique Webquests. Moving from Early World of Learning to World Book Advanced, World Book Online aligns end-users with their appropriate learning levels. Each stand-alone site provides additional features to support the needs of users’ specific capabilities.

World Book combines cutting-edge technology with traditional editorial excellence to produce authoritative, trustworthy, and unbiased content. The digital content is updated in real time and carefully curated for each learning level. Accessible 24/7, the content is available on a variety of devices. World Book Online combines 21st-century instructional techniques with timely information.

By breaking down complex topics and using easily understandable text, World Book Online helps to build fluency and increase comprehension. Featuring single sign-on capability, these sites are paired with highly visual content to engage even the most reluctant reader. Our collection of resources kindles a lifelong learning experience for every user. This adherence to clarity, currency, and accuracy makes World Book’s digital offerings an information hub for the classroom, library, and beyond
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