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About Us

World Book Inc.

Since its founding in 1915, World Book, Inc. has been committed to creating accurate, objective, and reliable reference and instructional materials that are essential for libraries and classrooms.

Today, through the creative use of educational technology, World Book continues to craft content that helps educators and librarians meet the challenges of changing standards, evolving expectations, and engaging and inspiring students and patrons.

Each and every title that World Book publishes is the result of a thorough and rigorous editorial process. Our dedicated and expert team excels at creating content that is timely, accurate, & reliable. In addition to our commitment to accuracy, reliability, and readability that is the hallmark of the World Book editorial process, our technical teams are focused on creating digital tools and resources that utilize the latest technologies to deliver a superior learning experience, whether your students or patrons are using PCs, tablets, or other mobile devices. The result is content that entertains as it educates, while aligning with Common Core and state and provincial standards.

Perhaps most important, World Book content is specifically crafted with the needs of your students and patrons in mind to ensure that their commitment to literacy is rewarded with easily understandable text that is informative and eminently readable.


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